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Founded in 1955 by Mr. Dick Dixon himself, we're committed to exceeding the strict plating requirements of the aerospace and aircraft overhaul industries, and we maintain the same high standards for every Dixon client.

With over six decades of experience, we've built Dixon Hard Chrome from the ground up by surpassing specifications and placing customer satisfaction at the core of our business.

We have over 10,000 square feet in the building complex and an additional 23,000 square feet of storage space. With our modern facilities, we're able to process and deliver small and large orders quick and at a competitive cost.

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What specifications does Dixon plate to

Approvals & Specifications

1Cadmium Plating
Military Specifications:
AMS-QQ-P-416, AMS 2400, BAC5701, DPS 9.28, HP 4-11, PS 13101, PS 13144

Type 1 - Clear without supplementary chromate treatment
Type 2 - With supplementary chromate treatment, iridite (gold) and clear
Class 1 - .0005" thick
Class 2 - .0003" thick
Class 3 - .0002" thick
2Cadmium (Low Embrittlement)
Military Specifications:
MIL-STD-870, AMS 2401
3Chromium/Thin Dense Chromium Plating
Military Specifications:
AMS-QQ-C-320, AMS 2406, MIL-STD-1501, AMS 2438, AMS 2460, BAC 5709, DPS 9.71, DPS 9.84, HP 4-13, PS 13102

Class 1 - Corrosion protective plating
Class 2 - Engineering plating
Boeing - Class 2, 3, 4
4Copper Plating
Military Specifications:
MIL-C-14550, AMS 2418 Type 1, BAC 5722, DPS 9.69, PS 13104

Class 0 - .001" - .005" thick
Class 1 - .0010" thick (for carburizing shield or brazing operations)
Class 2 - .0005" thick (as undercoat for nickel and other metals)
Class 3 - .0002" thick (to prevent basis metal migration into thin layer to poison solderability
Class 4 - .0001" thick (same as .0002")
5Chemical Film
Military Specifications:
MIL-C-5541, AMS-C-5541

A corrosion resistant coating for aluminum and aluminum alloys.
6Electroless Nickel
Military Specifications:
MIL-C-26074, AMS 2404, DPS 9.67, PS 13105

Class 1 - As coated condition
Class 2 - Conditioned (heated) for improved hardness
Class 3 - On aluminum
Class 4 - On aluminum
7Inspection & Test for Surface Passivation
Military Specifications:

Method 100 Water Immersion Test
Method 102 COpper Sulfate Test

Military Specifications:

Salt Spray Test
8Magnetic Particle Inspection
Military Specifications:
AMS-2640, ASTM-E-1444, MIL-STD-1949, MIL-I-6868, BAC 5424, DPS 4.704, HP 6-5
9Nital (Temper) Etch Inspection
Military Specifications:
MIL-STD-867, AMS 2649
Military Specifications:
MIL-S-5002, AMS 2700
Surface treatments and inorganic coatings for metal surfaces of weapons systems

Military Specifications:
Finishing of metal and wood surfaces

Military Specifications:
Finishes protective, ground and ground support equipment

Military Specifications:
Passivation treatment for corrosion resistant steels
11Penetrant Inspection
Military Specifications:
AMS-2645, ASTM-E-1417, MIL-STD-6866, MIL-I-6866, BAC 5423, DPS 4.707, HP 6-13
12Rockwell Inspection
Military Specifications:
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NADCAP Accredited
Chemical Processing


NADCAP Accredited
NonDestructive Testing


NADCAP Accredited
Aerospace Quality Systems (AC7004)


F.A.A. Certified Repair Station #TP3R875L


Boeing Approvals


Moog Approvals


Parker Aerospace Approvals

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